Vivian, Midnight Call Girl

Vivian, Midnight Call Girl

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Drunk dialing at its finest... 

All it took was a couple bottles of champagne... 

And a fully charged cellphone,

For me to go from widow to call girl.

Talking to a stranger in the middle of the night was the push I needed.

To feel something again. 

Something safe. 

It’s not like I will ever run into him. 

We don’t even know each other... yet. 

Aaron Skye returns my call the next day, 

Sending my well-ordered world for a spin.

Now I'm sober. 

After years in the shadows, 

I'm starting to feel alive. A sense of normalcy. 

Unfortunately Aaron is not who I had imagined. 

And his life is anything but normal.

Can I put the phone down and step into his world long enough to realize, 

That what started out as careless whispers has smoldered into something more?

A wrong number, could be my Mr. Right


Author: Danielle Norman
Narrator: Stella Bloom, Jonathan Ash
Publisher: F Squared, LLP
Run time: 4 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 07/13/2020