Even the Monsters: Living with Grief, Loss, and Depression: A Journey Through the Book of Job

Even the Monsters: Living with Grief, Loss, and Depression: A Journey Through the Book of Job

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A grieving father and husband. A search for understanding. How can a suffering soul find meaning and peace?

First-time dad Daryl Potter never felt joy so deep. Then one week after his daughter’s birth, a devastating series of medical emergencies threatened the lives of both his wife and daughter and that innocent joy was gone forever.

Daryl’s initial inability to find help in the Bible’s key book on suffering shook his trust in God. What followed was a desperate quest to find something in the story of Job’s trials that could help him or he risked giving up on faith altogether. The search that followed lasted over twenty years.

Does Job’s ancient poem have the power to repair a wounded heart? Can a life dismantled and hope destroyed ever be restored?

In this intimate and honest account, one man wrestles with deepening his perspective of God in the context of suffering. Comprehensive Biblical commentary is interwoven with Daryl’s deeply personal narrative. He offers those experiencing hardship a path to surviving life’s challenges. It is a path that creates a rich understanding of the one who is God of even the monsters.

Even the Monsters. Living with Grief, Loss, and Depression—A Journey Through the Book of Job is a must-have resource for those going through tough times. If you like relatable experiences, in-depth Bible interpretation, unflinching quests for the truth, and real-life application of God’s Word, then you’ll be moved by Daryl Potter’s meaningful and emotional account.


Author: Daryl Potter
Narrator: Bill Forsythe
Publisher: Paper Stone Press
Run time: 15 hours 47 minutes
Release Date: 01/03/2022