The Incubus

The Incubus

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He comes in silence to steal your final breath

1485, Ronda, Andalusia. For Thomas Berrington, torn between two warring civilizations, Ronda is an escape from the madness engulfing Gharnatah. For al-Zagal, the default leader of al-Andalus, it is a return to his mountain stronghold. In the year 1485, this should be a time of recovery and replenishment.

Until the Spanish army arrives, spreading across the plain below towering cliffs. And someone is murdering women so subtly the first the deaths go unnoticed.

Thomas and Jorge are once more thrown into the pursuit of a killer as the world around them changes, and the end of a once-great civilization draws closer. Can they unmask the Incubus before he steals the breath of more victims?

Set in the final years of the Moorish Empire that once ruled Spain, The Incubus is the fourth book in the acclaimed Thomas Berrington mysteries.


Author: David Penny
Narrator: Mark Topping
Publisher: Rivertree Print
Run time: 10 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 02/10/2018