The Message of Blood

The Message of Blood

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How do you prove your closest friend innocent of murder when all the evidence points to their guilt?

1489. Cordoba, Andalusia. Sent to Cordoba on the orders of a man he hates, Thomas Berrington welcomes the distraction of a murder, but is shocked when he uncovers evidence the killer is his closest companion.

When Jorge is imprisoned Thomas must continue the investigation alone – a task made harder by the distraction of two beautiful women.

In his search for the truth, Thomas twists and turns through the confusion of Jorge’s past, uncovering a myriad of revelations, each of which throws up a new suspect.

Finally reunited, they come close to discovering the identity of the culprit only to confront an adversary more powerful than any they have faced before. To save Jorge’s life Thomas may have to sacrifice everything he has gained.


Author: David Penny
Narrator: Mark Topping
Publisher: Rivertree Print
Run time: 10 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 05/30/2020