Sleepwalking with Ruby: The Mystery of the Three Gems

Sleepwalking with Ruby: The Mystery of the Three Gems

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In 1928, a fire spread through Twin Springs Hotel and stole General Rockwell's greatest treasures, his three daughters; Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst. How they really died has remained a secret until now. 

As a little girl, Ava Fairbanks runs wild within her family's hotel, Twin Springs, pretending to be anyone and anything but the little girl who walks in her sleep and wakes to find herself in awkward situations with visions of the 1920's playing in her head.

Now, as Broadway star AVA, she makes a living pretending. Her beauty shines on stage and her singing binds audiences' hearts and souls, that is until her world crashes down around her, she looses her career and her father. She returns home to hide and reluctantly places her trust in the new Security Manager, Jaxon Wolfe. When the press hunts her down and accuses her of destroying a marriage and causing a woman's suicide, Ava must play the most difficult role of her life. Herself.

The last time Jaxon Wolfe trusted a beautiful woman, men died. He failed his country, his team and himself. He returns home from war looking for two things, a cushy job with his family's detective agency and a warm, plain-Jane woman he can trust. His first JOBB is to go undercover and determine if Twin Springs Hotel is filing fraudulent insurance claims. Can he finish his assignment without losing his heart?


Author: Dee Armstrong
Narrator: Marnye Young, Marcio Catalano
Publisher: Big Dipper Publishing
Run time: 10 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 10/01/2020