Dead America - The Complete First and Second Week Series: Books 1 - 23

Dead America - The Complete First and Second Week Series: Books 1 - 23

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The first 23 books in the Dead America series, together in one giant collection!

The Texas zombie virus is quickly spreading throughout the nation. As the infected become fast moving flesh eaters, survivors across the country band together to battle against the onslaught of the undead.

Dead America touches on all aspects of the zombie outbreak, from the origins in Texas, to the military response in the Carolinas and the Heartland, to civilians in various regions of the country dealing with threats both living and undead. The action is fast, furious, and never lets up.

The first 23 books in the series includes the 4 book Dead Texas series, as well as all 7 books in the First Week series, and the first 12 books in the Second Week series.

Books included in this collection are:

1. Dead Texas: Day Zero

2. Dead Texas: No Comfort

3. Dead Texas: Lonesome Road

4. Dead Texas: The Journey West

5. Carolina Front Pt. 1

6. Carolina Front Pt. 2

7. Carolina Front Pt. 3

8. Operation Bismarck

9. The El Paso Invasion

10. Heartland

11. Portland (also includes the epilogue State of the Union)

12. Mississippi

13. Heartland Pt. 2

14. El Paso Pt. 2

15. Cincinnati

16. Heartland Pt. 3

17. The Nevada Caravan

18. Carolina Front - Pt 4

19. El Paso - Pt. 3

20. New Mexico

21. Portland - Pt. 2

22. Heartland - Pt. 4

23. Heartland - Pt. 5


Author: Derek Slaton
Narrator: P.J. Morgan
Publisher: Derek Slaton
Run time: 47 hours 55 minutes
Release Date: 10/25/2021