Dead America: The First Week Books 1-7 Box Set

Dead America: The First Week Books 1-7 Box Set

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All seven books in the Dead America: The First Week series in one box set!

It’s Day Zero and the Texas zombie virus is quickly spreading throughout the nation. As the infected become fast moving flesh eaters, survivors across the country band together to battle against the onslaught of the undead.

In The First Week series, several different groups from coast to coast face off against the growing horde. From the military in the Carolinas and Kansas, to cowboys in North Dakota, to the police in El Paso, and several points in between.

The books in the series are

Book 1 - Carolina Front Book 1

Book 2 - Carolina Front Book 2

Book 3 - Carolina Front Book 3

Book 4 - Operation Bismarck

Book 5 - The El Paso Invasion

Book 6 - Heartland

Book 7 - Portland (also includes the epilogue State of the Union)


Author: Derek Slaton
Narrator: Derek Slaton
Publisher: Derek Slaton
Run time: 15 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 01/17/2020