Dead America: The Second Week Box Set Books 1-6

Dead America: The Second Week Box Set Books 1-6

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The first 6 books in the Second Week series in one box set!

The Second Week starts out with a BANG! As the Texas Zombie Virus ravages the nation, those left alive are struggling for survival. In this six book set civilians in Mississippi deal with the fallout from a decision made a thousand miles away, the people of El Paso fight against an invading force from the south, and the military put numerous plans in place to start taking the country back from the undead.

The six books included in this set are

1 - Mississippi

2 - Heartland pt. 2

3 - El Paso pt. 2

4 - Cincinnati

5 - Heartland pt. 3

6 - The Nevada Caravan


Author: Derek Slaton
Narrator: P.J. Morgan
Publisher: Derek Slaton
Run time: 12 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 07/30/2020