Sex, Drugs & Jesus: A Memoir of Self-Destruction & Resurrection

Sex, Drugs & Jesus: A Memoir of Self-Destruction & Resurrection

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Transparency is one of the most effective tools we have that can help us heal. It can also help us understand ourselves better as well as other people.  

It's taken my whole life to realize that the main person I've been battling against has been me. As such, my memoir delves into raw detail about my war with my myself. I open up about my crystal meth addiction and how I became a drug dealer in Houston, Tx. The pain of growing up in poverty under the hand of an abusive dad is also put on display. The time I spent serving in the Air Force during Don't Ask Don't Tell, and the promiscuity that went along with it, is divulged as well. I talk about how I received my HIV + diagnosis on a voicemail and my Hep B + diagnosis in the postal mail. My story gets more intense as I share about how I got 3 felonies, the time I spent in jail, and how I ended up homeless after S.W.A.T. kicked my door in. I talk about the biggest heartbreak in my life which happened when I was kicked out of a megachurch, that I had served with my whole soul for years, just because I am a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and refused to accept the conversion therapy package they offered.

So often people judge those who have been in similar situations. My hope is that my honesty can offer a glimpse into these issues from the inside, rather than from the outside looking in.

I struggled with dividing my memoir into two separate books, but I felt it would be more impactful to tell everything all at once. My memoir is my testament and it's the greatest form of outreach I have ever offered to the world. I hope that I can earn your trust and attention with the words I have written within these pages.



Author: DeVannon Hubert
Narrator: DeVannon Hubert
Publisher: DownUnder Media LLC
Run time: 10 hours 17 minutes
Release Date: 03/23/2022