Drachen 6: Raking Mud

Drachen 6: Raking Mud

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When disaster strikes in the form of a mudslide, Verity Corp. steps up to the plate, sending a fleet of their best, brightest, and most capable.

That includes Daavi, to run communications, and their new darling, Millie, to perform survey, supply, and search flights with her little remote control aircraft. The staging area is a busy huge warehouse by the port, but all isn't as it seems. The warehouse staff seem more interested in keeping the relief personnel away from something than helping with the injured and homeless who are pouring in.

Daavi, Millie, and their friends are in for a brutal, heart-wrenching week, but it may turn deadly, in more ways than one, if they can't figure out what's going on in time.

©2021 Duffy P. Weber (P)2021, 2022 Duffy P. Weber


Author: Duffy Weber
Narrator: Duffy Weber
Publisher: Hula-Cow Studios
Run time: 15 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 02/24/2022