Drachen 7: Corporate Climb

Drachen 7: Corporate Climb

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From minor glitches to major headaches...

Glitzy new tech and exciting computer gizmos galore are being showcased at Verity Corp's annual trade convention, and they really want Daavi to attend.

It's too bad he's not going to.

Having shouldered enough responsibility to last several lifetimes, Millie and Daavi finally take a well-earned break. Instead, he's trusting Fitz, Fran, and Stewart to take his place, in the hopes that they'll stumble across something that will finally help them all break into a new market, back home.

But the high-level executive who tracks them down on the convention floor was looking for Daavi, specifically, and it wasn't to talk about telephones and cash registers. Something is amiss, and her disappointment in finding Daavi isn't there turns to a rather concerning interest after finding out that Fran and Fitz might be capable of filling his shoes for a mystery project. One she's refusing to elaborate on yet.

Meanwhile, Daavi is unable to help, finding himself and Millie forced to remain on vacation in the mountains with their family, when they fail to account for the Winter weather that denizens of the tropics are never quite prepared for. Unfortunately, Fitz and Fran might desperately need him as they deal with under-the-table business dealings, and interdepartmental intrigue.

This particular corporate ladder may just lead into a pit.


Author: Duffy Weber
Narrator: Duffy Weber
Publisher: Hula-Cow Studios
Run time: 7 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 03/16/2022