Carl Moellenberg's Story: Broadway and Spirituality as a Path to Survival

Carl Moellenberg's Story: Broadway and Spirituality as a Path to Survival

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Carl Moellenberg's story is one of overcoming enormous obstacles and changing course to find his passion and his true self to live joyously as a long-term survivor. It is a journey of many transformations: from Midwestern boy most interested in music to a fast-paced Wall Street career; from investment banking to a 13-time Tony Award winner on Broadway; from overcoming several death-defying crises by finding healing, inspiration from a higher being, and deeper spirituality. Carl hopes that his story will inspire others who face seemingly overwhelming obstacles to find their passion, their reason to live and to find love.

"It's a story of inspiration, truly. Of sadness and joy, of growth and spirituality, and ultimately of acceptance. The blending of worlds, a seeming dichotomy that Carl has woven together into a spectacularly vibrant life. Reading his beautiful book has touched me deeply." —Barbara Manocherian, President of New York Stage and Film

It is full of heart, told with great honesty, in strong, clear, simple language. His fortitude and optimism in the face of adversity is an inspiration." —Tom Hulce, Actor/Producer

"Glorious, quiet power of hope throughout this beautiful, utterly relatable memoir reminds us to heed that inner ever present voice urging us onward. Exploding with simple wisdoms with those more complex matters of the heart subtly lurking between the lines." —Mary Beth O’Connor, RKO Pictures/ Lucky Viii Films

"Carl's willingness to be so open and vulnerable around his survivorship, his spiritual path, his artistic path, and his close friendships allows the reader a sense of honor to be included in his journey. I think this memoir can and will help people (in a universal sense) to feel less alone, and inspire them to follow themselves and their dreams." —Adam Kantor, Broadway actor


Author: Carl Moellenberg
Narrator: Aaron Dalla Villa
Publisher: E&R Publishers, New York
Run time: 3 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 10/01/2022