The Great Catsbe: These cats are deep

The Great Catsbe: These cats are deep

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Down in the deepest and darkest of depths, as deep and as dark, as dark and deep gets; there lives a species of unspeakable size, With paws with claws, And pie sized eyes. Get ready to meet a family of cats that are unlike any cat you've run into before The Sir Rhymesalot reading level (lexile) is age 11 - 14 (grade 4 - 6) but parents reading these books to children aged 3 - 7 (K - 2) can strengthen literacy and vocabulary significantly in their young minds. This is due to the power of rhyme as a literacy builder.


Author: Simon Mills
Narrator: Simon Mills
Publisher: E&R
Run time: 4 minutes
Release Date: 09/15/2022