Conspiracy Theory: MM Romantic Suspense

Conspiracy Theory: MM Romantic Suspense

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Murder, betrayal, love…

Moving home after his father’s death forces Sheriff Mat Dempsey back into the closet, but he’s happy enough. Right?

Bitter and dispirited after years investigating homicides, Niall Hamarsson heads for the only place he’s ever called home.

A body is discovered in the waters off Piedras Island and Mat’s first priority is investigating the murder. He doesn’t need the help of the ex-detective, what he wants from the man is entirely different.

Detective Niall Hamarsson remembers Mat Dempsey, but he’d prefer to avoid him.

Too bad Mat is one piece of his past Niall can’t escape…

Their chemistry is electric, and two heads are better than one, but will Mat’s pride get in the way?

Conspiracy Theory is a MM Romantic Suspense, dual POV, about a broody introvert and a somewhat patient Sheriff--It’s hard to come in from the cold when that’s all you've known. Veiled Intentions is a series following the same couple as they grope their way to their happily ever after.


Author: Elle Keaton
Narrator: Michael Dean
Publisher: Dirty Dog Press
Run time: 6 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 10/05/2019