The Mistletoe Game: A new adult, steamy holiday romantic comedy

The Mistletoe Game: A new adult, steamy holiday romantic comedy

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It’s Christmas Eve at La Petite Mort Club and it’s almost time to play The Mistletoe Game.

Adrian is prowling the Club when he notices the saddest woman he’d ever seen. She looks like her world has ended. He’s just the guy to cheer her up. He’s rich, attractive and charming.

Unfortunately, Ellie finds him annoying, arrogant, and too alpha. She’s done with alpha males who can’t keep it in their pants and wouldn’t know the meaning of the word faithful if they were reading it in the dictionary.

But when Ellie’s cheating ex calls her cold, the only way to prove him wrong is to play The Mistletoe Game with Adrian.

How bad can it be?

They’re in public. It’s a game. Probably, a few kisses under the mistletoe, except this is La Petite Mort Club and nothing is as innocent as just a kiss.

This new adult, steamy, contemporary, holiday romantic comedy is laugh-out-loud funny and so hot that you’ll need a fan. Ellie wants to be free from alpha males, but Adrian isn’t the usual military dominant male. He’s funny, sexy and loyal. He just needs Ellie to see him for who he is, not how he looks.

This is book one in a three-part series. All books follow Adrian and Ellie and their relationship from Christmas through Valentine's Day. The HEA is at the end of book three, Cupid's Misfire. This book ends with an HFN. You can get all three books in the Hot Holidays box set.


Author: Ellis O. Day
Narrator: Summer Morton, Duncan Cole
Publisher: Ellis O. Day
Run time: 4 hours 19 minutes
Release Date: 10/29/2022