Infinity's End

Infinity's End

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Let the End...Try the Man.

Battle lines have been drawn, and forces have been gathered. But are Cas, Evie and the rest of the crew of the USCS Tempest ready to engage the deadliest enemy they’ve ever had to face? The Athru came into Coalition space, wiped out humanity and disassembled the once-great galactic empire piece by piece. But why? What lies behind this obsessive need to destroy humanity?

While Evie fights to find out, Cas is done playing games. Now that he has the power of the Sil behind him, he’s ready to take the fight to the enemy. But Commander Sesster is getting worse by the day, and if they don’t do something soon, he won't survive. And as Evie takes it upon herself to obtain what could be a crucial piece of intel about the Athru, she discovers secrets she never could have imagined.

The crew has faced many obstacles together, but this will be their greatest challenge yet. Cas made a promise to protect all those under his command, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do, even if it ends up killing him.

Don’t miss this gripping final chapter in the INFINITY’S END series! The epic saga comes to a thrilling conclusion in this adventurous space opera! Get yours today! 


Author: Eric Warren
Narrator: Larry Gorman
Publisher: Eric Warren Author, LLC
Run time: 9 hours 3 minutes
Release Date: 01/20/2021