Sinful Desires (The Sinful Series, Book 4)

Sinful Desires (The Sinful Series, Book 4)

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She’s living a fantasy, but it’s not her own.

Famous pop star, Raevynn Walsh, lives a life of luxury, fame and fortune but her every decision is controlled by others. She dreams of breaking free from her star-studded castle.

Collin Donovan has never forgotten his first love, or the way he was forced to let her go. When an opportunity to attend the Wilder Way Fairy Tale ball presents itself, he can’t resist catching a glimpse of the sensual songstress one more time.

Their chemistry burns brighter than ever, and the two escape to rekindle their passion. As they unravel the tangled lies and heartbreak from their pasts, they grow closer than ever. Now Raevynn must choose between her glamorous prison and the dream she never thought would come true.

SINFUL DESIRES is a seductive and modern take on Rapunzel.


Author: Erika Wilde
Narrator: Lia Langola
Publisher: Janelle Denison, Inc.
Run time: 3 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 06/11/2020