Trouble in Texas: A Texas Coast Romance

Trouble in Texas: A Texas Coast Romance

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Trouble comes in all guises, something undercover Fish and Wildlife Service agent Mark Kincaid knows better than most. As he recovers from a gunshot wound in the tiny coastal town of Redfish, Texas the last thing he expects to find is trouble…especially of the female variety.

 Cat Randolph is everything Mark shouldn’t want, but does. The enticing wild bird rehabilitator is beautiful, feisty and definitely intriguing. But when evidence about the huge bird-smuggling ring Mark has been working on for years is uncovered practically in Cat’s backyard, she becomes a suspect. And off-limits. Yet the closer Mark gets to his delectable neighbor, the more he’s convinced Cat herself is too dedicated to the birds she rescues to ever be involved in such despicable acts.

Cat is ready and willing to work with her hunky neighbor to catch the bad guys and bring them to justice. And maybe find a little romance along the way.

There’s just one problem—the prime suspect is Cat’s brother. Now Mark has to choose between busting the smugglers and a life with Cat.

 And what should have been a simple choice is the hardest one he’s ever had to make.


Author: Eve Gaddy
Narrator: Jacki Swinford
Publisher: SXNW
Run time: 6 hours 40 minutes
Release Date: 04/08/2020