Juliette, Rising

Juliette, Rising

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Juliette, a New Yorker transplanted to Portland, Oregon for a teaching job, journeys through single parenthood, orphanhood, widowhood, new love, neurotic parents, beloved students, and a life-altering bereavement group. Along the way, Juliette blends her acerbic wit with an admirable willingness to sit in her sadness and we gain entrance to what the other side of grief looks like. Set over the course of several months, and alternating between Juliette’s narration, a plot filled with surprises, and letters written to her deceased loved ones, Fabienne Marsh rips open Juliette’s heart so we readers might feel less alone. There might not be a cure for sorrow, but there is a salve, and it’s JULIETTE, RISING.

Fabienne Marsh is the author of Single, White Caveman and the critically-acclaimed bestselling novels, The Moralist of the Alphabet Streets and Long Distances. Her non-fiction writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Economist, the International Herald Tribune and Poetry Review (London). She has taught writing at Johns Hopkins University, Loyola Maryland, the University of Minnesota, the Chadwick School in California, and spent several years with ABC working on their feature documentaries.


Author: Fabienne Marsh
Narrator: Hope Newhouse
Publisher: Windtree Press
Run time: 6 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 01/18/2021