The Caribbean Laundry

The Caribbean Laundry

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He was a CPA with a practice run from his house. He lived quietly with his dog Lucy. Friendly guy, but secretive about his life. A very private person with no local friends except Danny Osgood a neighborhood kid, who played video-games on the CPA's high-speed computer. He had little contact with the neighbors or folks in town. How did he end up with two bullet holes in his head?

A simple murder in a small upstate NY town or something much bigger? 

The extent of the crime goes far beyond this quiet town. Other states come into play. Then, outside of the country. 

How could this crime have such a far ranging impact. To solve this mystery will require the support of the DEA and FBI in a well coordinated effort.

Detectives Elton Hendricks and Todd Adams from the Binghamton NY Police Department are integral to shutting down a major criminal operation.


Author: FJ Donohue
Narrator: FJ Donohue
Publisher: FJ Donohue
Run time: 2 hours 55 minutes
Release Date: 11/05/2021