Career Criminal: The Code of The Streets

Career Criminal: The Code of The Streets

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Mr. Govich returns to take you deeper|darker inside the dreadful places. The ones he said that he would never look back into them again. Forbidden zones you should never enter alone. Its treacherous there. You go inside and you can’t tell where the grey ends and the black begins. Places where you can drift away and never even know you were gone | They were too unpleasant for him to recant.

Mr. Govich was a stranger to you. And you were a stranger to him. He was afraid you might cut loose and he knew that without you, there was no way he would make it back out of there again.

Ten years later.

I read your reviews. My work touched your lives, its inspired others to give you their best work. With the movie “Payback” (2021) now complete, we stand at the precipice. The cusp of victory.

I’m gonna let you see it now.

We’re ready | Together, steadfast, you and I. Nothing held back.

Gritty and real, Career Criminal: The Code of The Streets is more than a profound retelling of the original indie classic. Mr. Govich brings you a page turning kaleidoscopic powerhouse that puts you square center – the real-life Russian mafia. With a bold new format, over two-hundred pages of new content, a newly expanded glossary, and original artwork from the brightest talent on the planet.

It’s not something you read | This is something you experience.


Author: Gary Govich
Narrator: Gary Govich
Publisher: G3 Media LLC.
Run time: 12 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 04/29/2021