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Ian Fitzwilliam wasn't supposed to end up an English Lord, but after the title falls in his lap he works hard to secure himself in proper society, and takes a step into improper places as well, following a desire he hardly understands.

Jane Stanton is not only an actress at the Cupid's Bow theater, she also entertains customers in a London pleasure house. When an adorable Scotsman ends up on his knees before her, she finds new joy in her work.

Lust turns to love and Ian is caught between his duty to wed and his feelings for Jane. In the end, can there be a happy ending for two people who stand so far apart in society's eyes?


Author: Hannah Morse
Narrator: Dominic M McCartney
Publisher: Dos Chihuahuas
Run time: 3 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 03/29/2022