Code Name: Ranger

Code Name: Ranger

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Code name: Ranger

Target: Maisie Ann Jones

Mission: Uncover the whereabouts of a smart, sexy spitfire


Undercover, confidential, and dangerous, the new K19 Shadows lurk where others won’t, ready to act in a moment’s notice. When Maisie Ann Jones disappears with a serial killer on the loose, it doesn’t look good. The others have turned up dead.

I refuse to let anything harm this woman, after all, she stole my heart. I’m determined to find her, save her, and take down anyone who gets in my way.


A teenage crush. At least that’s what I thought it was. But when Ranger comes barreling back into my life, nothing stops how I feel or what I should want—I just want him. I’m a Dartmouth grad who took over my family’s business before I turned twenty-five. I don’t need a man. I’ve never been a damsel in distress. Until now.

But I’m worried that he’s met his match. Will this serial killer destroy the only man I’ve ever loved?


Author: Heather Slade
Narrator: J. River Pierce, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker
Publisher: Sparrow Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 01/22/2022