Mantis' Desire

Mantis' Desire

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He’s a former military hero determined to get her back.

She fell for his friend after he broke her heart.

With MANTIS now back at her side, she’s praying for answers.


As a K19 pilot, I see and hear a lot, while facing battles that take me away. When I’m undercover, I’m sometimes forgotten. All that matters to me now, is Alegria Mondreau, helping her heal. I’ve loved her since college; I’d do anything to get her back, make her happy­—even if it means walking away. 


I loved him first. I know that. But he walked away. And I fell for someone else. Now that he’s back, but there’s more on the line. Our lives are in danger. We need a lot more than prayers, and MANTIS is ready for the fight.


Author: Heather Slade
Narrator: J. River Pierce, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker
Publisher: Sparrow Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 51 minutes
Release Date: 12/31/2020