No Place to Lie: Secrets Unlocked, a Promise Kept

No Place to Lie: Secrets Unlocked, a Promise Kept

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On St David’s Day 1981, Helen receives a phone call in St Louis from her distraught father in Yorkshire, leading her to a heart-searing path of discovery. Her brother David’s shocking death at twenty in a remote mansion triggers a quest to unravel truths shrouded in secrets and silence.

Vividly evocative, Helen’s debut memoir No Place to Lie takes the reader on an extraordinary journey through suicide, trauma and shame to shine a light on what really happened to David, and the startling secret her mother took to her grave. Helen’s courageous and uplifting book brings powerful messages about hope, the healing power of talking, stepping towards recovery and connection to a life filled with humour, joy and love.


Author: Helen Garlick
Narrator: Helen Garlick
Publisher: whitefox publishing
Run time: 9 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 02/04/2021