The Rock: A Sullivan and Broderick Murder Mystery Book One

The Rock: A Sullivan and Broderick Murder Mystery Book One

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Celebrated British actor and author Robert Daws narrates his bestselling novella, The Rock.

DS Tamara Sullivan is a British Police officer fighting to save her career. 

Exiled to Gibraltar from London's Metropolitan Police after a lapse of judgement, Sullivan feels she's being punished – no matter how sun-kissed the Rock is. 

But this is no sleepy siesta of a posting on the Mediterranean. Paired with her new boss, DCI Gus Broderick, Sullivan will need all her skills to survive the most dangerous case of her career.

A young constable is found hanging in his apartment. With no time for introductions, Sullivan and Broderick, unravel a dark and sinister secret that has remained buried for decades. 

Are they prepared to face the fury of what they are about to uncover?

The Rock is a riveting crime thriller packed with twists.


Author: Robert Daws
Narrator: Robert Daws
Publisher: Hobeck Audiobooks
Run time: 3 hours 56 minutes
Release Date: 11/15/2020