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Throttled - the second brilliant installment of the wickedly twisty and funny Quirk Files mystery series by A B Morgan, narrated by the author

Scott Fletcher is dead – his lifeless body in a pool of blood.

Sarah Holden’s life is turned upside-down the day she is discovered with her fiancé’s body next to the motorbike he’d been working on. She has blood on her hands, but the screams do not come.

If she didn’t kill him, then who did?

The answer seems too easy. The likely culprit too obvious.

With a dead husband and now dead fiancé, is Sarah just unlucky in love?

Peddyr and Connie Quirk, husband-and-wife private investigators, are brought in to unravel the tangle, prove Sarah’s innocence and find the true culprit. As they are about to discover, the truth is sometimes much more than skin deep.

Throttled is the second novel in the brilliant Quirk Files crime series, full of cleverly drawn characters, quirky humor and dark plot twists that leave you gasping for more.

Praise for Over Her Dead Body, the award-nominated first book in the Quirk Files

‘OMG WHAT A PAGE TURNER!! … I finally turned the last page at 2am.’ Peggy

‘This really is one of the best books I have ever read!’ Pat

‘A clever, clever read.’ Livia

‘A hope there are plans for this to be a series.’ Dee

‘…brilliant. Totally different to anything I’ve read before.’ Donna

‘…full of charm, mystery, humour and great characters.’ Linda

‘A wonderful page tuner that captivated me right from the start. A treasure to read.’ Misfits Farm


Author: A B Morgan
Narrator: Alison Morgan
Publisher: Hobeck Audiobooks
Run time: 9 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 07/26/2022