First Aid 101: How To Do First Aid Step By Step

First Aid 101: How To Do First Aid Step By Step

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Have you ever responded to someone needing help? Medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, so it’s best that you are prepared to respond. First Aid 101 is your simple step-by-step reference on how to provide basic first aid with what you have in hand. A written work by a certified medical professional, this guide teaches you on what to do in various types of medical emergencies.

• Includes discussions of several medical emergencies

• Contains 30 first aid guides on the most common emergencies

• Includes an easy and detailed guide on how to perform CPR

• Instructions are easy to follow in a numbered format

• Serves as a life-saving reference for various first aid scenarios

• Highly detailed and comprehensive content

• Updated with the latest information on first aid provision

• Thorough first aid guide made by a certified expert in the field

• Highlights facts and clears up myths on first aid and different medical conditions

First Aid 101 is your handy guide when it comes to saving lives anywhere and available at any time. Through years of experience and training shared by the author will help you, regardless whether you have medical expertise or not. Even without medical equipment or supplies, you’re still able to save someone’s life.

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Author: HowExpert, Paolo Jose de Luna
Narrator: Bob D
Publisher: HowExpert
Run time: 1 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 08/01/2017