How To Make Fabric Accessories: Your Step By Step Guide To Making Fabric Accessories

How To Make Fabric Accessories: Your Step By Step Guide To Making Fabric Accessories

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If you want to learn how to make fabric accessories, then get "How To Make Fabric Accessories".

Wanting to have those beautiful earrings and charming necklaces that you see on magazines and online stores, but you don’t have the budget?

Read through this guide and find out how you can start making fabric accessories on your own.

- Learn how to create fabric accessories that are affordable but are definitely high on charm.

- Get ideas and techniques that you can use in designing your own accessories.

- Use simple everyday items from your mother’s sewing kit that you never thought could be made into earrings, bracelets, and necklaces: fabrics, lace, cords, buttons, and ribbons.

- Recycle those scrap fabrics and repurpose old clothes that you no longer use but you can’t bear to part with by turning them into pretty accessories that you can wear everyday.

- Add surprise elements to boring accessories by using buttons, ribbons, and laces.

- Make accessories for every outfit you own and for every occasion. A girl can never have too many earrings.

- Make personalized gifts for family and friends that will show them your creativity and thoughtfulness.

- Make jewelry sets and give them away as souvenirs on special occasions such as weddings.

- Use your acquired skill in creating fabric accessories in starting a business.

- Feed your creativity and fuel your imagination with design inspirations and never have a boring day anymore!

About the Expert

Khyria Cepe is a self-taught bead artist and jewelry designer. She started making simple dangle earrings in 2006. As she became more interested in her craft, she expanded and enhanced her knowledge by learning from “how-to-bead” books by English and Japanese authors.

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