How to Overcome Social Anxiety Without Medication

How to Overcome Social Anxiety Without Medication

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If you want to overcome Social Anxiety Disorder WITHOUT having to take medication, then read our how to guide by a real life counselor with experience in this field.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety without Medication manifests an empathic understanding of what it is like to feel the pangs of social anxiety in a world that underestimates the power of anxiety, fear, and shyness. Others do not appreciate the intensity of your feelings because they do not feel them. To be assaulted by social anxiety can lead you to feel like disaster has struck. It is certainly debilitating. Everyone has the need for the esteem of others – it is one of the primary means of psychological survival in a world full of social expectations. Those of you who suffer from social anxiety are not alone. You are in an army of millions.Many of you folks have been prescribed traditional medications, but are confronted with the side effects of these. If you feel social anxiety, you do not need to conquer yet two more obstacles – possible addiction from tranquillizers and physical symptoms that accompany antidepressants. Many people have abandoned those in favor of the healthier alternative – organic remediation.Organic remedies are viable alternatives without unwanted side effects. This book will present you with a myriad of healthy organic solutions that are virtually free from nasty side effects.

About the Expert

Brenda Brown holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Rehabilitation, an undergraduate degree in Science, and has taken postgraduate courses in advanced counseling. She worked as a psychotherapist for 15 years, serving in clinics, hospitals, and as an assistant to psychologists in private practice. Her clients include those who are subject to anxiety disorders, depression, social maladjustment, and psychiatric issues.

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