Short Story Press Presents Busy Woman Simplified

Short Story Press Presents Busy Woman Simplified

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Short Story Press Presents Busy Woman Simplified by Short Story Press with Lindsey Krebs

What happens when you are close to reaching your dreams and being successful only to find everything falling down around you instead? Meredith is a mother and wife and dearly loves her family. She also runs her own business, Willow Tree Ranch. She finds that as she tries too hard, things begin to unravel and fall apart.

• Meredith is the mom of a seven year old girl, Abigail.

• She wants her daughter to have everything that she did not have as a child.

• Michael, her husband, is struggling with how Meredith has changed and finds himself avoiding her.

• Everyone is stressed out and the busy schedule is taking a toll.

• Abigail, Meredith's daughter, has an abundance of activities that doesn't allow her to just be a little girl.

• Meredith opens the business of her dreams and finds herself struggling, with hardly a moment to herself.

• What should be a happy and good part of their life is a struggle instead.

Success can be more than looking a certain way, or paying for, or having certain things. Sometimes people forget what really matters and it takes almost losing it all to remember what is important. Being happy is an important part of life.

Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.


Author: Short Story Press, Lindsey Krebs
Narrator: Alana
Publisher: Short Story Press
Run time: 33 minutes
Release Date: 06/25/2020