Short Story Press Presents On The Way To New York

Short Story Press Presents On The Way To New York

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"On The Way to New York" is the story of a workplace romance that takes more than seven years to develop. Ella is an ambitious, advertising executive vying for a promotion to an office in New York City, effectively escaping Cleveland, Ohio. Only one man stands in the way of her realizing her dreams.

Cameron, also ambitious to make it in New York City, is the immature competition Ella must surpass to earn the promotion. With the help of her wily assistant Marie, Ella is able to land a meeting with a representative of an extremely large account for her firm. Success with this potential client could make her career and secure her promotion to New York.

Cameron, a habitual jokester and charmer, weasels his way into Ella's big meeting. He claims he only wants to help her, but she finds that hard to believe. Out of the blue, Ella and Cameron click in a way they never anticipated. A building attraction and mutual respect is found to exist and the sky is their limit. After landing the firm's largest single account they are offered the opportunities of their lifetimes.

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Author: Short Story Press, Tara Mitchell
Narrator: Allie James
Publisher: Short Story Press
Run time: 43 minutes
Release Date: 11/20/2018