Short Story Press Presents Squire Ryanus

Short Story Press Presents Squire Ryanus

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‘Squire Ryanus’ follows the tale of a young man who’s been a member of the Order of Majestic Truth most of his life in pursuit of the dream of becoming a Paladin. There he has given up childhood, friendships, and family in pursuit of the dream to gain a title in the order. After years of strife, he finally receives an invitation from the council to finally gain his title. Becoming a Paladin will consist of more than a mere knighting ceremony, however.

Instead he will embark on a journey alone in order to obtain the Shield of Light, a powerful artifact that has been stolen by the forces of evil. Initially alone, he must track the beasts to their lair and fight to retrieve the shield, possibly shedding his blood in the process. Along the way however, he will meet a cast of quirky and colorful heroes to aid him in the quest. An unlikely bunch to follow a Paladin around, the mad wizard, shifty ranger, and sneaky rogue will join him at the fortress of the gnolls. If he survives, he will achieve his dream of becoming a Paladin and no longer go by the name of ‘Squire Ryanus’.

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Author: Short Story Press, David Beaver
Narrator: Wayne Jones
Publisher: Short Story Press
Run time: 45 minutes
Release Date: 06/06/2018