Short Story Press Presents Super Shy Guy

Short Story Press Presents Super Shy Guy

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Short Story Press Presents Super Shy Guy by Mark Laughlin

Do you know a super shy guy? Some guy who appears to have it all together, except for one thing – he can’t talk to women? That’s the problem, Jim, the protagonist of “Super Shy Guy” by Mark Laughlin has. He joins a local book club to try and come to meet people and come out of his shell a bit, and gets a serious crush on Nancy, a stunning brunette. What happens next?

• Nancy likes Jim, but wants a man who isn’t quite so shy.

• Jim confides in his work friend Debbie, a cute girl herself.

• Jim tries, but fails, to impress Nancy.

• Nancy gives up on Jim and a new guy enters the picture.

• Nancy realizes that giving up on Jim was a mistake, but wait – he’s taken now!

• Jim seems to be getting over Nancy by dating another girl.

• It turns out that the super shy guy may not be so shy after all...

The conclusion should satisfy any reader who’s ever thought two people might make a great couple, but can’t put into words just why. This is a story with heart, soul, and - of course -romance.


Author: Short Story Press, Mark Laughlin
Narrator: Eric Boozer
Publisher: Short Story Press
Run time: 31 minutes
Release Date: 04/12/2018