Duby's Doctor: A Reluctant Bodyguard

Duby's Doctor: A Reluctant Bodyguard

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Ex-undercover agent Yves Dubreau has no memories, but plenty of enemies. When he moves in with a reluctant lady doctor, just who will be body-guarding whom?

John Doe remembers nothing of his life before waking up in the hospital. He doesn't know he was a dangerous man, and he somehow has survived assassination by even more dangerous men. He doesn't even know how to speak English. John needs long-term supervision and care to re-learn how to live.

Dr. Mitchell Oberon has been married to her surgical work for too long. She is comfortable in her spinsterish life. She resists being attracted to this brain-damaged patient with the body of Adonis and the mind of a child, but Agent Frank Stone, of Homeland Security, forces the doctor to take John Doe into her own home to recover.

Stone, who knows John Doe's past history well, says it's not safe to send him back to the place he lived before he was "killed" by his enemies.

If Duby's enemies find them, will either John or his lady doctor even know how to fight back? To survive?

Nobody predicts the bizarre events that will unfold when a "friend" betrays John and Dr. Oberon to Agent Dubreau's bloodthirsty foes!



Author: Iris Chacon
Narrator: Jenny Hoops
Publisher: Delia L. Stewart
Run time: 8 hours 24 minutes
Release Date: 02/28/2022