The Mammoth Murders: Minokee Mysteries Book Two

The Mammoth Murders: Minokee Mysteries Book Two

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A Chinese Univ. of Fla. student & an old Florida farmer disappear, linked only by a canoe trip to a secret sinkhole. Neighbors, Shepard (a blind radio host) & Miranda (a shy librarian), soon find this double-murder puzzle could cost their lives - or at least their future together. Sequel to award-winning novel, Finding Miranda.

There's a heap of trouble brewing for the folks in Minokee when a blind deejay and a small-town librarian try to solve a double murder.

The trouble starts with a Pig River canoe trip and a friend's discovering a mammoth's skeleton. Shep and Miranda rely on their sense of humor as they face dangerous fossil poachers -- but even that is difficult when their engagement is broken amidst a river of troubles.

 Shep's Italian friend (Carlo - cook, chauffeur, valet, & ladies man) aids the couple in their adventures. Shep's animal friend, Zeus, a Maine Coon cat, is so clever, he sometimes seems clairvoyant.

 The Coffee Ritual ladies of Minokee, Florida, add their quirky personalities and folksy wisdom to help Shep & Miranda iron out the bumps in their lives as the ladies gather every dawn on their front porches to sip their coffee while they wait for the sight of the blond Adonis (Shep) jogging past their Magnolia Street cottages.

Shepard's mother (Hermione Montgomery-Krausse) is always behind the scenes, attempting to direct the course of Shep's career. The couple's difficulties with Hermione are compounded when Miranda's parents arrive unannounced from Miami, and Miranda's father sides with his daughter (and Hermione's son) against the two matriarchs.

 The serio-comic family battle continues even while Shep and Miranda risk their future and their very lives attempting to find the crooks responsible for The Mammoth Murders.


Author: Iris Chacon
Narrator: Jenny Hoops
Publisher: Delia L. Stewart
Run time: 8 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 02/01/2022