Safety First

Safety First

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Two scientific explorers from Earth who are researching a desolate moon elsewhere in the solar system are surprised to discover a strange regular storm of microbes hovering in the atmosphere. But when the forbidden love affair of one of those explorers, Matt, is discovered by his research partner Grant, alien weather is the last thing he'll have to worry about.

Locked in combat on a hostile world with only themselves for protection, all protocols are off in Safety First.

Safety First is a short tale of dark science fiction horror by Isaac Thorne. It is part of Thorne's 2017 short story collection titled Road Kills. This 2021 audiobook production of Safety First is a standalone single narrated by the author.


Author: Isaac Thorne
Narrator: Isaac Thorne
Publisher: Lost Hollow Books
Run time: 44 minutes
Release Date: 01/04/2021