Rise of the Ceo San

Rise of the Ceo San

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Reluctant heroine Mariah Griven has finally accepted the responsibility for saving her people from tyrannical King Rothgar.

With her powers growing quickly, she sets out to find allies who can help her free the children enslaved by the king. However, Queen Cenessa of Cillian has her own plans for the High Chosen.

Fighting manipulation from all sides, Mariah must find the strength to stand on her own and protect those who mean the most to her.

War is coming to Whitelea, and Mariah is at its heart.

A shapeshifting, epic fantasy adventure about friendship, family, and sacrifice


Author: J. Elizabeth Vincent
Narrator: Lynn Norris
Publisher: Mistweave Press
Run time: 7 hours 54 minutes
Release Date: 04/01/2021