LISTEN TO THIS: A Chronicle of Awakening

LISTEN TO THIS: A Chronicle of Awakening

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Award-winning author & musician J.M. Harrison’s quest to find the answers to life’s big questions began at an early age.

LISTEN TO THIS: A CHRONICLE OF AWAKENING is a Mind, Body, Spirit audiobook sharing the author's psycho-spiritual journey of awakening; from paranormal childhood experiences to a short stint as the lead singer of the 80s UK band Frankie Goes To Hollywood, he reveals a hidden secret metaphysical world of healing, trance, channeling, cosmic consciousness and more.

A mystical death experience in France permanently alters his consciousness, being the instant catalyst for a first book, WE ARE ALL ONE: A Call to Spiritual Uprising (2007). Listen as he openly confronts a shocking medical diagnosis and experiences the darkest night of his soul. Years later, following a chance discovery in an old suitcase in the garage, healing begins, and an insightful compilation of spiritual memoirs, songs, music, and mystical poetry is born.

"A fantastic audiobook that will take you on an eventful journey."

" ... an extraordinary spiritual and musical adventure."

"Never before has humanity so needed to heed such a message."

"... what a blessing and thank you for sharing it with the world."




Author: J.M. Harrison
Narrator: Colin Watts
Publisher: J.M. Harrison
Run time: 5 hours 19 minutes
Release Date: 01/19/2021