Cyber's Escape: Sapiens Run Book 2

Cyber's Escape: Sapiens Run Book 2

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Tech saved her life. It brought her love. Now it could tear her apart… 

"Loved it! Cyber's Escape is an excellent follow-up to Cyber's Change..." K. Narayanan, Reedsy Discovery.

America, 2055. Cass Armstrong has changed. After being raised by a violently technophobic father, her cyber-enhancements preserved her life while her new girlfriend opened her mind. But as her break from college approaches, Cass lives in fear that a trip home will end in tragedy. 

After escaping detection by the extremist Sapiens Movement, Cass breathes a momentary sigh of relief. But when she discovers her friends and neighbors spying on her and her girlfriend, she considers unleashing the dark secrets that could destroy her father’s hateful organization. If only she wasn’t surrounded by enemies willing to preserve the lie at any cost…

Will Cass break free before her own family spills her blood?

Cyber's Escape is the second book in the engrossing Sapien's Run cyberpunk trilogy. If you like diverse characters, futuristic societies, and heroes battling prejudice, then you’ll love Jamie Davis’s mind-twisting dystopia. 

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Author: Jamie Davis
Narrator: Sarah Gise
Publisher: MedicCast Productions
Run time: 6 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 06/28/2019