The Overlander

The Overlander

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The Overlander is a futuristic, young adult book set in dystopian Australia, where water is the most valuable asset and hybrids fight for their rights and freedom. 

The year is 3090 AD. Mia and her nomadic tribe, the Overlanders, survive and thrive in the harsh, arid landscape of the Australian interior. Life is good as she grows from a beloved girl to a respected young woman among her people. But one fateful day Mia's world is rocked when she is captured by the soldiers of Isbane city. In the stinking depths of prison, a terrible fate awaits the green eyed water diviner. Despite her terror, and against great odds, Mia gathers courage and sets out on a hair raising adventure back to her people. All she has are her wits, determination and a crew of the most unlikely allies... 


Author: Jenny Brigalow
Narrator: Stephen Sanders
Publisher: Jenny Brigalow
Run time: 8 hours 4 minutes
Release Date: 05/25/2021