Miracle on Ladies' Mile: A Gilded Age Holiday Romance

Miracle on Ladies' Mile: A Gilded Age Holiday Romance

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Since the death of his wife, department store owner Alexander Armstrong buries himself in his work. One night he encounters a mesmerizing young woman setting up the holiday window displays and on a whim decides to help. Grace’s charm is infectious and he can’t remember the last time he smiled this much . . .but will Grace look at him the same once she learns who he really is?

Aspiring designer Grace Shipley has big dreams and plans to work her way up from decorating the windows at the most popular store on Ladies’ Mile. And while she doesn’t need his help, her handsome new friend gives a whole new meaning to the idea of holiday cheer.

Now Alex must overcome his fear of another heartbreak and confess the truth, even if it means losing Grace forever.


Author: Joanna Shupe, Joanna Shupe
Narrator: Leanne Woodward
Publisher: Joanna Shupe
Run time: 3 hours 36 minutes
Release Date: 12/15/2021