Fun and Grit: Encounters of Farming Hobbyists

Fun and Grit: Encounters of Farming Hobbyists

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The stories in this book are based on a fundamental belief Susan, my wife, and I have that every experience we go through is what gives life its true meaning. Indeed, some of the unpleasant experiences just add more flavor to life. Having a nice laugh about something is the magic trick in many cases.

Life takes a new meaning and purpose if one adorns positive lenses to perceive every situation. We hope the reader will reach the same conclusion.

All stories in the book are linked to our passion for spending time in the beautiful countryside in Kenya. And more so, engaging in one form of small-scale farming or another. There is something magical about it. Something that never ceases to nourish our souls.


Author: John Mucai
Narrator: Kevin Kollins
Publisher: MUCAI Quick Read
Run time: 2 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 12/15/2021