Number One: Nothing Else Seems to Count

Number One: Nothing Else Seems to Count

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In the modern, highly competitive world, doing well in any competition is not enough. Being number one is what counts. This book traces the lives of five colorful individuals. They are winners in their unique ways from the early stages of their lives. We experience, intimately, the twists and turns that occur as they enter early adulthood and get embroiled in a contest anchored in the pursuit of business success and love. At some point, each character realizes that things can get highly complex, emotionally draining, and even dangerous when love is in the mix. The outcome of their respective pursuits to be “number one” is astounding. Indeed, the way the story ends offers readers tremendous food for thought.


Author: John Mucai
Narrator: Kevin Kollins
Publisher: MUCAI Quick Read
Run time: 3 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 12/15/2021