Journey To Freedom

Journey To Freedom

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‘Many of us can feel trapped and in prison,

that life is not worth living and that there

are parts of us which we find hard to accept’

In Journey to Freedom He explores why so 

many of us sense there is something missing 

from our lives and why feelings of fulfilment 

and happiness are so short lived.

Drawing on his own experiences and those of

the men and women he has encountered on 

his travels, whose lives and ideas have shaped 

our modern culture and society, he discusses 

issues such as the nature of love, sexuality, 

spirituality and forgiveness.

He looks deeply at the wounds many of us carry 

and how we can find peace, healing and a sense 

of real freedom.

This is a book that can show you how to accept 

yourself, have richer personal relationships and 

discover what it is that makes you truly unique.

In the past 15 years John has brought inspiration 

to over 2 million people in 20 countries with his 

dynamic and powerful talks and seminars. He is 

regularly featured on television, radio and various 

media shows throughout the world and his life story

His True-Crime Biography From Gangland to 

Promised Land has become an international best seller.


Author: John Pridmore, with Greg Watts
Narrator: Willam Michaels
Publisher: John Pridmore
Run time: 4 hours 33 minutes
Release Date: 07/02/2022