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The Darkest of Rituals is about to take place.

High atop a mammoth plateau, deep in the Utah desert...

Lexi Pope and Keagan Krossing have been betrothed since childhood, but on the day of their wedding a mysterious stranger enters their tiny off-the-grid commune and takes control of the festivities. Clive Rorschach, the blood heir to the throne of the Genus vampire clan has come to be anointed by the destruction goddess Nefaria… and to claim a queen.

Refusing to escape with Keagan, Lexi takes up with the rogue Commander of the village Sentinels and poses as Rorschach's future queen. But while she plays her role to his face, her mind searches for an opening to slip a dagger into Rorschach's back and free her people from a fate worse than death.

To win Lexi must face demons outside her gates and inside herself.

And when Nefaria arrives...

The coronation begins


Author: Jordan A. Thomas
Narrator: Jordan A. Thomas
Publisher: Dingy Dungeon Audio
Run time: 9 hours 52 minutes
Release Date: 06/07/2022