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Imagine a world with unicorns, dragons, giants, and fairies. Imagine a world where incredible adventures come to life every night. For one boy, this world really exists!

Daniel Green is a typical ten-year-old with just one difference – when he goes to sleep at night, he travels to Dreamland, a magical place where he can create amazing adventures using only his imagination.

But he is not alone. An evil being follows him into his enchanted world and joins forces with Stregona, the powerful witch who reigns over the Dark Forest. Together they are determined to destroy Dreamland.

Who is this dark entity, and what does he want with Danny?

A magical story for children of all ages.


Author: Julia E. Clements
Narrator: Kae Denino
Publisher: Pink Quill Books
Run time: 4 hours 54 minutes
Release Date: 10/03/2018