Flame Caster

Flame Caster

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"I can feel the pull of magic as it desperately calls to me--but my own kind prevents me from seeking it. Soon, I will let my fire burn."


Mirella has let go of her old life. As the heart maiden, her duty is to protect her people and seek out the precious heart flowers that keep magic flowing through their veins.


There's only one problem... Mirella doesn't want any part in it.


Then her enclave falls ill, and Mirella alone has the power to find the cure before it's too late. She embarks on a quest to heal her clan, a journey full of monsters and deception, where friends turn on friends and Mirella begins a romance that is sure to be forbidden.


But the biggest betrayal is yet to come... and the cure might just break her heart.


The second book in the incredible The Fire Heart Chronicles, Flame Caster is an exciting urban fantasy thrill ride with paranormal monsters and magical mayhem. Readers will swoon for the love story and stay for the adventure.


The Fire Heart Chronicles (series complete!)

Heart Seeker (Book 1)

Flame Caster (Book 2)

Earth Shaker (novella)

Sorrow Bringer (Book 3)

Soul Wanderer (Book 4)

Fate Summoner (Book 5)

War Maiden (Book 6)


Author: Juliana Haygert
Narrator: Joanna Roddy
Publisher: Juliana Haygert
Run time: 5 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 02/18/2022