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Twenty five years ago, two brothers were torn apart. 

Before becoming a Nomad and a Hunter, Daegan and Brayden Sawyer were just like every other brothers on Foundation Earth. When older brother Daegan leaves for a school trip, their world is torn apart, sending each of them on very different paths.

With his brother declared dead after the transport carrying him disappears, Brayden struggles to deal with the loss, turning to a life on the run from the authorities. After being banished by his family on Earth, he leaves everything he’s known, setting off on a self-destructive path that finds him with no home, no contact with his family, and no future.

When he is arrested and given a death sentence on the infamous Tyrat Prison, he knows he’s run out of options. But Daegan didn’t die. He woke up in hell as the latest recruit of the cyborg project. After spending years being tortured, he finds salvation with the Nomad on their battleship Ares

With their help, he becomes Gryffin and carves a formidable reputation for himself among the Nomads and the Outer Sector inhabitants. Chaos follows both the brothers as they struggle with their own demons, become Nomad captain, and find themselves in the Outer Sector.


Author: K.A. Finn
Narrator: Dan Calley
Publisher: Cooper Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 11/18/2020