Change of Heart: Heart

Change of Heart: Heart

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Courtney Holloman is a woman at the top of her game. She’s successful, wealthy, and a highly sought-after Washington lobbyist. At first glance, one might think that she has it all. She doesn’t. Not even close. She lives life in the fast lane without a moment to spare. She leaves no time to smell the roses. She’s consumed by work in a world of politics and power brokers. She has money, her job, booze, and nothing else. In quiet moments, her mind drifts back to her days in high school and all that she gave up.

Jack Camdon is a complex woman, and yet not at all. She earns her living as an entomologist and has a passion for bees and the environment. She’s an Ojibwe healer and someone who has a good grasp on the things that are most important. She’s also a woman who has never moved beyond the sudden and unexplained departure of her high school sweetheart.

Their paths will cross when circumstances bring Courtney back to town two decades later. Can high school sweethearts rekindle the flame that still burns hot? Or will hurt feelings, shattered trust, and conflicting priorities destroy their second chance at love?


Author: K.A. Moll
Narrator: Emily Beresford
Publisher: KAM Books, LLC
Run time: 5 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 06/29/2016